Expansion Chassis

Expansion Chassis

The Datapath range of expansion chassis provides an easy to install, optimal method to expanding your PCI Express I/O capabilites and scalability.

Used with any host PC to expand the number of available PCI Express slots, this solution automatically configures, making all slots appear transparent to the host computer.

The expansion chassis is an industry standard enclosure with its own power supply, which supports full length cards and has the capability to link a number of systems together, providing a substantial number of slots.

The expansion chassis have an LED for each PCI Express slot and the PICMG1.3 SBC slot. The LEDs indicates either the full lane width has been established and the slot is not working to maximum efficiency or no cards are installed therefore the lane width has not been established.



The following diagram illustrates how to connect the expansion chassis to the wall controller.

Express 9 G3
Fig1: This illustration is an example of Express9-G3 connecting with the Datapath PCI Express Expansion Link.

Connecting the chassis is achieved by installing the PCI Express Expanison Link in the wall controller and expansion chassis.

PCI Express Link

When connecting an expansion chassis to a wall controller the HLink card in the wall controller must be installed into the x8 slot. The SLink card in the expansion chassis should be installed in the PICMG1.3 SBC slot.

To genlock multiple chassis together, the genlocking chain can be used to tie the outputs of the graphics cards together so that they all render their outputs to the screen at the same time. This makes fast moving images appear smoother on the video wall and eliminates "tearing" artefacts on the display.

Key Qualities of the Expansion Chassis:

  • Capability of linking a number of systems, providing a substantial number of slots
  • Easy to install
  • LEDs indicating connections
  • Seamlessly capitalizing on the transparency of the PCI Express architecture
  • Automatically configured, making all the slots appear transparent to the host PC
  • Provides increased I/O capacity and scalability


Specification of the Expansion Chassis:

  VSN802X VSN900X VSN1100X
Main Chassis
Dimensions Length: 500mm, including handles
Height: 175mm
Width: 482.1mm
Height: 19 to 25kg
PCI Express Expansion Link Express9 backplane, HLink-G3, SLink-G3 & ExCable-G3 Express9-G3 backplane, HLink-G3, SLink-G3 & ExCable-G3 Express11-G3 PCIe backplane providing 11 x 8 lane slots
Cooling Dual cooling fans with removable air filter
Power Consumption 500 Watt redundant PSU or 600 Watt ATX PSU 600W Redundant PSU 500W ATX 800W Redundant PSU
Temperature Operation temperature: 0 to 35 °C
Warranty 3 year warranty for the Express9 backplane

Models Available of the Expansion Chassis:

Product Name/Order Code Description
VSN802X-RPSU Express9 Gen2 expansion chassis + 500W RPSU
VSN802X-ATX Express9 Gen2 expansion chassis + 600W ATX
VSN900X-RPSU Express9 Gen3 expansion chassis + 600W ATX
VSN900X-ATX Express9 Gen3 expansion chassis + 500W ATX
VSN900X-RPSU/Optical Express9 Gen3 expansion chassis + SLink-Optical*
VSN900X-ATX/Optical Express9 Gen3 expansion chassis + SLink-Optical*
VSN1100X-RPSU Express11 Gen3 expansion chassis + 800W RPSU
VSN1100X-RPSU/Optical Express11 Gen3 expansion chassis + SLink-Optical*


* HLink-Optical and ExCable-Optical need to be purchased separately to these chassis options

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